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  • Sensei Jayde

Could martial arts be your next big adventure?

As adults, we often become creatures of habit, sticking to the things we know how to do and avoiding things that may make us feel vulnerable. We define ourselves by our jobs, relationships, our kids. We get caught up in thinking that our kid's achievements are good enough to take the place of our own. But what if this wasn't the case? What if we demanded continual self-growth, sought out new adventures and continued to strive for that amazing feeling of pride that comes after achieving something extraordinary?

Your journey in martial arts will enable you to experience all of these things. You will not only learn a range of physical skills designed to improve your health and wellbeing, but you will also achieve emotional and mental growth through the rich philosophies and etiquette practices infused in our classes.

We have had students in their 60's grade to Black Belt, students with exceptional physical fitness, students with physical limitations, students of all shapes and sizes. Martial arts is for everyone.

We challenge you to be daring, risk being vulnerable and begin the adventure of a lifetime. Your journey in martial arts will be rich with fulfilment; one that will change your life.

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